Samsung S2 USB 2.0 1TB Ultraslim Portable Hard Drive - Black by Samsung

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Product Description

We are proud to present the brilliant Samsung S2 USB 2.0 1TB Ultraslim Portable Hard Drive - Black.

Samsung S Series are as colourful as they are effective. They can be found in an assortment of plentiful, awesome colours so you can show your own one-of-a-kind sense of style and stylish taste.

Samsung take their externals as carefully as their internals. Made to go with your own fashionable image, these dapper, tough drives integrate a glittery, ultra-glossy front cover with an elegant, leather-like back to produce an innovative look. And the design is as functional as it is stylish. It's streamlined for relaxed handling with an anti-slip texture for a safe grip. And the advanced blue LED light blinks when it's working.

Smaller sized as well as lighter than almost all other external disk drives on the market, the S2 Portable is the ideal storage space solution for those that need to carry large quantities of content when they're on the go. With desktop-sized ability, this pocket-sized miracle is capable enough to keep all the things you need for your hectic way of life.

The incorporation of a USB on-board operator reduces the weight as well as its power requirement, making it as efficient as it is compact. Protect your private details with Samsung's external hard disks. They include 2 distinct kinds of important security for your data - SafetyKey safeguards your back-up information with a password while SecretZone generates a virtual drive which encrypts your information. With both password security as well as online encrypted shield, your information is protected so you can relax.

Have you ever forgotten to back up crucial files and wound up losing every thing?. It's happened to many of us. That's why Samsung made an automomatic back up application for external hard drives. It's uncomplicated to use and can easily copy in real time or on a schedule, so you can rest assured that however hectic your like gets, Samsung's got your data backed-up. Engineered for total simplicity, the features of Samsung hard disks come with easy-to-use features. The useful capacity gauge allows you to easily see just how much storage room you have made use of, how much is left and what is marked as backup. And Plug and Play makes installation a breeze and they come with a range of fast, secure connections.

For this reduced price, the Samsung S2 USB 2.0 1TB Ultraslim Portable Hard Drive - Black is highly respected and is always a popular choice with lots of people. Samsung have included some great touches and this results in great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Samsung S2 1.0 TB: HX-MUD10EA/G22

Cool colors let you express yourself
Samsung S Series are as colorful as they are powerful. They come in six rich; cool colors so you can reflect your own unique sense of style and sophisticated taste. Whether youre all business and take your technology in the striking traditional tones of piano black or snow white. have a taste for the rich and soothing warmth of wine red or chocolate brown; or are naturally attracted to the bold; spring-like colors of sweet pink and ocean blue; the choice is yours.

Compact on the outside.Massive on the inside.
Smaller and lighter than almost any other external hard drive on the market; the S series Portable is the ideal storage solution for those who need to carry massive amount digital content when theyre on the go. With its desktop sized capacity; this pocket-sized wonder is powerful enough to store up to 640GB of information. The unique inclusion of a USB on-board controller reduces the drives weight and provide consumption; making it as efficient as it is compact.

Store it in style
Samsungs external hard drives take their externals as seriously as their internals. Designed to accentuate your fashionable image; these dapper; durable drives combine a glittery; ultra-glossy front cover with a luxurious; leather like back to create a sophisticated aesthetics. And its design is as practical as it is elegant. Its streamlined for comfortable handling with an anti-slip texture for secure gripping. And the futuristic blue LED light blinks when its busy working.

The key to worry-free data security
Protect your confidential information with Samsungs external hard drives. They feature two distinct forms of critical protection for your data. SafetyKey safeguards your back-up data with a password while SecretZone creates a virtual d

Product Features

USB 2.0, No power supply required Back up to 1 TB of data with the Samsung S2 portable! The S2 portable harddrive is compatible with PC and Mac, and features a USB 2.0 port for datatransfers and charging Supplied with a travel case andpre-installed software 12 month UK manufacturer's warranty included

Key Product Details

  • Manufacturer: Samsung
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